FIENS Chairman’s Message and thank you note

The past year has been an exciting time for those of us dedicated to providing training and necessary neurosurgical services in the developing world.  The Lancet Commission and World Health Organization have declared lack of essential surgeries an essential need, the resolution of which could save hundreds of millions of lives.  We have worked to bring preliminary training to three continents, helped to organize training standards across the continent of Africa, and continue to support developing programs at many sites.  The impact of training doctors to develop a self-sustaining heath system is incalculable.  With your help, we are literally teaching entire nations to grow and sustain their specialty healthcare.  We continue to very much appreciate your past assistance and ask for your continued support.  There are so many ways to help – we thank you for all of them. 


Robert J. Dempsey, MD, FACS

Chairman, Foundation for International Education in Neurological Surgery


Am. Assoc. of Neurological Surgeons

Richard R. Bassett

Frank Culicchia

Carlo deLuna,

Grant E. Gauger

Michael M. Haglund

Joseph T.King, Jr.

James M.Johnston

Miriam Kim,

La. Neurosurgical Society

Jack P. Rock

David I. Sandberg

 Mark Bernstein

Frank Culicchia

Mrs. Linda Van Brocklin,

Melanie (Tarascon) Hayden-Gephart

Daniel F. Kelly

Dempsey, Robert J.



Cleveland Foundation (The)

William C. Gump

Ravneet Kaur (Dhillon)

Robert Lacin,

Jeffrey, G. Ojemann

Raymond Sawaya

Joseph Stern

Tetsuo Tatsumi


Akash Agarwal

Merwyn Bagan

Daniel Clayton

Asa H.Jr. Crawford

Matthew Davis

Idara Edem

Donald Frank

Stephen R. Freidberg

NED Fundación

Sara Ganaha

Franz E. Glasauer

Alexandra C.Kunz

Edward R. Laws

Medlink Corporation

Richard Panson

Nettleton Payne

Neuro S. Rifai

Joel S. Sandberg

Donald Sheffel

Jr., Kenneth R. Smith

Mr.Kenneth R. Smith

Amos Stoll

S. Ottavio Tomasi

Alex Valadka

Philip R. Weinstein

Jr., Craig H. Yorke

 Young Yu

Mr. William Peffer

Russell J.Andrews

Guerrrero, Cesar

Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Hodes

Ms. Michelle Sandberg

David T. Pitkethly


Alan Hirschfeld