FIENS- Bassett Global Neurosurgery Fellowship

The Foundation for International Education in Neurological Surgery (FIENS) offers an international traveling fellowship for neurosurgeons who, at the time of their application, are either training in a residency program in a low or middle income country or who have completed residency training in a low or middle income country within the past five years. 


The fellowship will cover the traveling and living expenses for a three-month period to be spent observing the activities of a neurosurgical service that has an established relationship with FIENS.  Fellowships will be awarded yearly on the basis of a competitive evaluation by a committee composed of FIENS members.  The maximum fellowship stipend is $7000.


The application must include: 

1) A statement defining the purpose of the proposed fellowship and stating            the applicant’s attention to return to his/her home country after                      completion of the fellowship


2) A letter of recommendation from the applicant’s neurosurgical program   

    director or other neurosurgeon with whom the applicant has worked  



3) A letter of acceptance from the institution where the applicant intends to

    pursue the fellowship, confirming the description of the fellow’s potential

    activities during the period of the award


4) The applicant’s current curriculum vitae.


The deadline for application submission is November 1, 2019.

The completed application should be emailed to:


David I. Sandberg, MD

University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

6431 Fannin Street | MSB 5.144 | Houston, TX 77030 |

Phone: 713.500.7370 | Fax: 713.500.7352