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Thank you in advance for supporting the programs of the Foundation for International Education in Neurological Surgery (FIENS). You can become a Donor at many levels. 

Donate and Become a General Member

In addition to supporting a critical cause, you automatically become a General Member at donor levels of $100 or more. General Members have access to information about FIENS activity, site-specific reports, field data, and an on-line toolkit with resources and information for neurosurgeons hoping to join or start new program locations.

Donation Levels

$0 - $99 : Friend

$100 - $499 : Patron

$500 - $999 : Benefactor

$1000+ : Humanitarian

Other : (Any Amount)


Donate to FIENS

You can donate online online through our secure payment area. Or, to send your membership fees by mail, complete our editable Donation Form print it, and return it with your check to:

FIENS c/o Culicchia Neurological Clinic
Frank Culicchia, MD
1111 Medical Center Blvd. 
Marrero, LA 70072

Phone:  504.349.6985
E-mail:  Frank Culicchia, MD


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Am. Assoc. of Neurological Surgeons

La. Neurosurgical Society


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Kelly, Daniel F.

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