Only neurosurgeons or neurosurgery residents can serve as volunteers.

For those volunteers who spend a minimum or four weeks in the host country, FIENS will provide round trip economy airfare. Additional discretionary funds are sometimes availalbe for educational activities.

The receiving institution usually provides basic accommodation and local transportation. If special accommodation is required, this should be clarified prior to travel.

If interested, please apply by filling out the Volunteer Application which is provided here in PDF format. The form can be filled out in Adobe Acrobat or printed and filled out by hand. It should be submitted to FIENS via mail or FAX.

The FIENS Volunteer Toolkit is a resource for all FIENS volunteers, you can find it here.

For additional information on specific FIENS sites, go to the  Project Locations  page  or contact a regional coordinator:

Africa:   Michael Haglund

Americas:   Peter Nakaji or Ravneet Kaur

Asia:   Jack Rock

For questions or more information on volunteering, contact Erin Delionbach

Mailing Address:

Erin Delionbach

Volunteer Coordinator

310 Trent Drive, Rm 301 Trent Hall

Durham, NC 27708




Am. Assoc. of Neurological Surgeons

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La. Neurosurgical Society

Jack P. Rock

David I. Sandberg

 Mark Bernstein

Frank Culicchia

Mrs. Linda Van Brocklin,

Melanie (Tarascon) Hayden-Gephart

Daniel F. Kelly

Dempsey, Robert J.



Cleveland Foundation (The)

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Jeffrey, G. Ojemann

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Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Hodes

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David T. Pitkethly


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