Formally founded in 1969 as the Foundation for International Education in Neurological Surgery, FIENS sends volunteer neurosurgeons to developing countries to teach neurosurgical techniques and procedures, to help establish neurosurgery residency programs, and to lend their skills in the operating room. Our volunteers have been placed in 22 countries around the world and have helped to treat thousands.  MORE >


FIENS volunteers instruct and perform advanced neurosurgical techniques at teaching hospitals world-wide. As a volunteer, your assistance will be appreciated by many as you treat congenital and infectious pathology commonly unseen in developed countries.

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FIENS volunteers are some of the best neurosurgeos in the word. They have to be. They work in extreme conditions, teach with whatever materials they have at their disposal, and improvise on the spot. All are generous and compassionate individuals who bring hope to those who need it most. There are more people in need than neurosurgeons available.

If you are a neurosurgeon or neurosurgery resident who has the unique qualities to join us, please consider volunteering. To apply, fill out the  APPLICATION FORM  and send it to Michael Haglund, MD PhD at the address found on the  BECOME A VOLUNTEER  page, or email Michael Haglund, MD PhD, C/O  ERIN DELIONBACH .

Labatt Chair for International Neurosurgical Education

The Labatt Chair is designed, primarily, to provide up to 6 months ‘hands on’ fellowship training for an African neurosurgeon at St Michael’s Hospital, Toronto.

Ideally, a successful Labatt Fellow could be recruited for a FIENS site in Africa and on completion of the Fellowship, would return home armed with a WFNS Universal Instrument and supported (initially) be a FIENS site volunteer to optimize the probability of establishing a sustained neurosurgical presence. Additional enhancement could include a Course or Educational Symposium at the returning Fellow’s home base.


Your contribution is critical to the success of FIENS. Make an ONLINE DONATION or download and FILL OUT THIS FORM and mail it to Dr. Frank Culicchia. For questions, check out our DONORS page, EMAIL Frank Culicchia, MD or call him at 504.349.6985.

FIENS c/o Culicchia Neurological Clinic
Attn: Administrator
1111 Medical Center Blvd.
Marrero, LA 70072


Consider supporting FIENS. You do NOT have to be a neurosurgeon to become a member. Membership can be purchased with an annual contribution of $100. In addition to supporting a critical cause, membership fees provide access to information about FIENS activity, site-specific reports, field data, and an ONLINE “TOOLKIT” with resources and information for neurosurgeons who want to volunteer. MORE >